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Occlusal Splints & Athletic Mouthguards

Do you often find yourself grinding or clenching your teeth? Everyone grinds their teeth occasionally because of stress or tension. But for some people, teeth grinding is a chronic problem that can lead to head and neck pain, abnormal wearing of their teeth, and even TMJ – temporomandibular joint disorder.

Dr. Paul Schaus and our team have treated the painful symptoms of teeth grinding successfully for several years at our Oak Grove dental office. We use an FDA-approved dental device that is effective for reducing chronic teeth grinding and its symptoms.

Occlusal Splints

This non-surgical appliance, known as an occlusal splint, is designed to work with your mouth and jaw and offers rapid relief from the painful symptoms of teeth grinding. The device is custom-made to fit over your front teeth. You wear it while you sleep, and its design reduces tension in the jaw by preventing clenching and grinding. The result is less wear and tear to your teeth, less jaw pain, and even fewer headaches.

If the uncomfortable symptoms of teeth grinding are disrupting your life, we urge you to contact our office. We want to do everything possible to help you get the relief you need, but the only way we can determine if a splint will help you is by conducting a thorough exam.

Athletic Mouth Guards

If you or your child participates in active sports like baseball, basketball, or soccer, you need to protect your teeth with an athletic mouth guard. Our custom mouth guards are made using impressions of your teeth so they fit perfectly. This provides far greater protection than generic store-bought mouth guards.

We are committed to finding solutions that protect your oral health by preventing damage to your teeth. Please contact our office if you’re interested in learning how occlusal splints or athletic mouth guards can benefit you.

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